SOLiC 200

Mr Renewables installs Solic 200, Engineered for a 25-year lifespan 10 year return-to-base guarantee.

  • Provides hot water from existing solar PV panels
  • Saves up to £250 annually on your energy bills
  • Returns on investment in less than four years
  • Reduces your CO2 emissions

The SOLiC 200 from Earthwise Products Ltd automatically converts energy generated by existing PV panels into hot water by diverting excess solar power to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the national grid. Simple to use and maintenance free, the SOLiC 200 is self-contained, easy to install and can save the homeowner hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

The SOLiC 200 includes a 10 year return to base guarantee, has been built to last 25 years, and has been designed, constructed and fully tested in Britain to the highest CE standards.

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