SolarWorld Solar PV

Mr Renewables has partnered with SolarWorld AG, one of the largest solar companies worldwide and has locations in all key target markets. SolarWorld AG rapidly grew from a wholesale company to a solar provider with processes along the entire value chain – from raw materials to solar wafers, solar cells, solar modules right up to high-quality turnkey solar power plants.

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  • High level of stability: The module frame and the enclosed glass are fastened securely and continuously along all edges with silicone.
  • Constant performance: The wide perimeter at the intersection of glass and frame, give Sunmodules excellent self-cleaning properties and prevent performance drops due to deposits of dirt or other contamination.
  • Frost protection: Openings in the hollow section prevent the build-up of condensation and consequently damage to the frame caused by water expanding when it freezes.
  • High flexibility: The extra clearance between the cells and the module frame allows the modules to be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Our quality, our warranty, our service

Made in Germany - We produce our quality products in Germany and the United States, both centers of excellence for solar technology.

GREEN BRAND - SolarWorld AG was the first company in the solar industry to be awarded the ‘GREEN BRAND’ seal of approval. The certificate is only awarded to brands which have been proven to practice environmental sustainability.

TÜV Power controlled - Regular tests by TÜV Rheinland guarantee that our modules maintain the rated outputs.

ÖKO-TEST - The consumer magazine awarded our polycrystalline modules with the grade “excellent”.

35 years of experience - As a PV pioneer, we have been producing top quality for over 35 years with expertise and passion, focused on crystalline solar power technology from the beginning.

Best protection - Whether free system insurances or real-time yield monitoring, we offer many additional services that safeguard the smooth operation of solar power systems.

Optimal system solutions - With our diverse range of products, we offer system solutions for all solar energy applications. But we never rest on our laurels with our technical developments. Instead, we equip you perfectly for the future, today.

The most customer-friendly guarantees - With the linear performance warranty of over 25 years, a 10-year product workmanship warranty, and a number of other guarantees on quality and service, we provide long-term security.

Comprehensive tests - Intensive tests that greatly exceed international standards are the key to our holistic approach to quality assurance. In this way we ensure that only premium quality products leave our factories.

A strong partner - Personal service, professional PV plant design, guaranteed quality. We offer everything one would expect from a reliable partner.

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