Solar Panel Up Grades

Up grading or adding to your existing Solar Panel array may not be as difficult as you thought, with a maximum of 10kw or 40 x 250w Solar PV Panels on a homes single phase electricity supply.img_0866

In the early days of solar it was commonly thought that 4.0kw or 16 x 250w panels was the maximum allowed. As technology has been improved inverters have been made bigger and better to make the best use of larger roofs and roofs which may be facing East or west.

Will it affect my old tariff? No your current tariff that you took out will be unaffected, we add a brand new system with a new generation meter  that measures the new solar panels and is reported back to the energy company who pays you each quarter based on what the new Solar Panel System have produced.

What Tariff will I Get? The system will qualify for the relevant rate at this time, for example,  June 2013 (15.44p + 4.65 Export) for 4.00kw system. If you added 6.00 kw it would be (13.99p + 4.65p Export). The old tariff would remain exactly the same, so you might have had 4kw in March 2011 (43p KWH +4p Export).

A good example of this is a recent customer.

Mr Medler, North Norfolk:

Purchased a 4.0kwh system with Panasonic HIT panels form Mr Renewables March 2011.

His Feed in Tariff was 43p KHW export 4.5p his income for the year generating 4000 KWH

Tax Free income £1,998 4.0kw

Purchased another 6kw installation in May 2013 to go on a barn.

First Year: Income from Feed-In Generation Tariff @ 13.50p/kWh: £ 653.21
Income from exporting energy @ 4.64p/kWh: £ 145.93
Electricity Saving: £ 243.87
Total Benefit: £ 1,043.01

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