Panasonic HIT Solar PV Offer

Panasonic HIT Solar PV OfferPanasonic HIT

You have probably seen a few solar PV panels and are wondering what the difference is between them, well its very little unless you thinking about the Sanyo HIT N series Solar PV Panels now called Panasonic HIT!

Why? The answer is very simple, the cell efficiency is 21.8% and the Module efficiency is 19% which is the highest in the market place at the moment.

How? Reduction of carrier recombination preserving as much as the generated electricity as possible, HD cell design for for compact module size and high generation of electricity and finally, Anti-reflection glass  enabling as much incoming sunlight as possible to reach the electrical generation layer.

OK, so when we compare them to the other solar PV panels available we find that the module efficiency is around the 14-15.5%, however some panels do offer different benefits to the customer. We will cover these later as we add reviews on the, Sharp. HJ Solar, Romag, Jetion, Hyundai and Up solar.

Where do you fit? We cover most of East Anglia including Essex & Cambridgeshire.

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