Solar Panels - Start using solar energy today

Solar panels are fast becoming the number one solution for energy bill reduction in both the domestic and commercial setting. These high tech pieces of equipment consist of sophisticated silicone cells designed to convert radiation from the sun into electricity that can be utilised in the same way as power from the national grid. You may hear solar panels also being referred to as 'photovoltaic panels'. Surprisingly, solar panels do not require only bright sunshine to function. With effective solar panel installation, it is possible to harness the power of solar energy even on overcast days that are so typical of the weather here in the UK. At Mr Renewables, we are experts in solar panel products and can help you pick the right system to suit your property. There's no doubt that solar energy is the way forward for those who wish to lower electricity costs and do their bit for the environment too.

Are you looking for free solar panels UK? We can help you find free solar panels as part of the governments Green Deal. You may be eligible for both free solar panels and complimentary installation. Surely there is no better way to get started with solar power than at the government’s expense? There are two government solar panels schemes to choose from: the 'funded' scheme and the 'rent a roof' scheme. If you are a homeowner who would simply like to use a renewable energy form, consider the 'funded' scheme which will see the government ‘rent your roof’ space to produce energy on a 20 year agreement. If you would like to make additional income with solar energy, think about the funded solar panel scheme with could produce up to £15,000 a year through the sale of excess energy back to the grid.

Make renewable energy easy with solar panel kits

Those who know little about solar energy will be sceptical about the costs of solar panels and solar panel installation to begin with. It's easy to see why, starting up with solar energy is initially costly - unless you are eligible for the government schemes. That being said, the benefits far outweigh the upfront costs. Not only can you dramatically reduce your energy bills, if not eradicate them, but you can be proud to be doing something for the environment as well as potentially making yourself extra income. At Mr Renewables we can guide you on how to make the best solar panels investment for your property and individual desires. We are solar power experts, ready and waiting to advice on getting started with renewable energy as soon as possible.

When you are looking for affordable solar panels, we have an excellent range of offers to take a look at. Our complete solar panel kits start at just £4,995. Do remember, you get what you pay for, so if you find it cheaper elsewhere, there is probably a catch. Our prices reflect not only our high quality products but a remarkable levels of customer service too. We pride ourselves on offering the best advice to our customers and ensuring all our work is well protected with various warranties. Take our Canadian Solar panels for example. They are insured for 10 years in terms of workmanship and materials as well as 25 years in terms of the income they should provide you if you sell energy back to the grid. Get in touch to hear more about our full list of extended warranties that will ensure you get the most from your installations.

To further assure you that are work is of the highest standards, you can rest easy knowing we are extensively accredited. Our solar panel systems, thermal insulation and solar thermal heating systems have accreditation with the MCS and we are also registered with the HETAS (for safe renewable heating installations), REA (the Renewable Energy Association) and are Part P Qualified (meaning we have certified electricians). We have a team of experts ready to assist with any of your solar panel queries and give you an accurate quote on any of our renewable energy products. For an estimate of how much you can make from the Solar PV Feed In Tariff then head to our calculator where you can receive an estimate based on your System Size, Roof or System Price. We look forward to helping you with your solar panels needs today!