Solar Panels UK - Make the most of the power of the sun

Solar Panels UK are the ideal solution for those who wish to get started with renewable energy and reap the environmental and financial rewards of solar power. Solar power uses the suns radiation to generate not only electricity, but a tax free income! Our solar systems are produced from PV panels made up of silicon layers which convert sunlight into AC electricity. All our solar panels come with a Feed In Tariff (FIT) meter to allow you to sell surplus solar electricity to the grid. We can provide solar panel prices for installations in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. You may not find our prices are the cheapest in the country, but they do ensure excellent value for money with major brand panels and quality customer service too. Contact us today and get a quote for cheap solar panels UK for your home or business.

At Mr Renewables we work with some of the biggest names in renewable energy products, these include: Panasonic Renewables, Daikin, Trianco Biomass, SMA, Canadian Solar & Fronius. All of these manufacturers offer substantial warranties, but on top of these we offer a warranty above and beyond the standard policies. This is so you can trust our installations and be confident our fittings will bring out the best from your solar power panels uk. You can choose from a selection of extended warranties to fit your needs when choosing solar panels UK from us. We have Reactive Breakdown Cover which ensures we will come to repair energy breakdowns in under 12 hours between 7am-7pm and we also over Air Source Heat Pump guarantees and Biomass Heating guarantees. Whatever you buy from us, we’ll make sure your investment is protected. To find out more about our extended solar panels warranty, simply get in touch.

We sell cheap solar panels UK

Not only can you buy solar panels UK from us, you can find out exactly how much you can make in tax free income from a solar power installation. You may be surprised what a nice return you can make in the long run. Use our Solar PV calculator today to enter specific details on your current or future installation and find out how much you could earn from the Feed In Tariff. The Feed In Tariff is a government initiated process that allows solar panel users to claim income on electricity that is fed back to the grid when not used in the household or company premises on which the solar panels are installed. You can produce a Feed In return estimate by choosing to calculate by roof, system size (kWp) or system price. Find out how much you would get in return on both an annual or lifetime basis.

Looking over solar panel prices on our site? Don’t forget about the free solar panels that you may be entitled to under the governments scheme to encourage PV investment. Homes that qualify will not only get the free solar panels themselves, but will get installation from Mr Renewables free of charge too. The homeowner only requires to pay connection charges and any future maintenance. Remember solar PV panels can be utilised even on a cloudy day, there is no need for direct sunlight - although when available this does increase electricity generation. To find out more about whether you are eligible for free solar panels under the governments Feed In Tariff scheme, get in touch with our professional solar energy team to discuss your situation. When you make an investment yourself, don’t forget about the excellent returns and unbeatable guarantees we offer too.

Choosing the appropriate solar panels for your building takes a little research. We know that everyone has a different situation, with an individual property and individual aims in terms of energy use. Some of our clients want to reduce the amount of energy they are using and simply reduce their electricity bills. Others are looking for a way to invest and enjoy additional tax free income. It does not matter what your reasoning for purchasing solar panels, we are here to help you find the best PV deal you can. Our energy advisers are all experts in the field of renewable energy and can come out to look at your property in detail to advice on the best possible solution. Our pricing policy is transparent and easy-to-understand, so you won’t come across any hidden fees. What are you waiting for? Find out more about solar panels UK and book your professional installation today.