SME Low Energy Lighting

Lighting is responsible for around 25% of the electricity used in businesses. There are good reasons to switch to low energy lighting and these include less carbon pollution and waste, longer-life bulbs, lower electricity consumption, reduced maintenance costs, excellent return on investments and improving the company’s ‘green’ image.

There are now low energy alternatives for most types of lighting. Points to consider when upgrading are the types of fitting (ie bayonet, MR16 or PAR), the light output or lumens (amount of light output), and the colour temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin ‘K’ ie white, warm or cold light).

Incandescent bulbs use outdated technology and waste money because they are not energy efficient. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are available in a range of styles, use 80% electricity than traditional incandescent lights and will last much longer. For example, replacing a single 60W incandescent lamp with a 12W CFL of equivalent brightness and left on all day will save up to £39 a year.

Most businesses require lighting all day, often over large areas, and for most days of the week. Companies also need to provide sufficient lighting to meet current health and safety requirements but installing newer, more efficient lighting can help improve employees’ concentration, performance and productivity.


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