Renewable Energy in Suffolk

Properties in Suffolk are ideally located to take advantage of renewable energy solutions. If you’re looking for lower energy bills and environmentally friendly alternatives, then consider the alternatives.

With a finite amount of fossil fuels being available, it’s natural that many of us are thinking about what the future may hold. Aside from the environmental impacts that are associated with our current course of extracting resources, it’s also clear that there’s a financial cost involved.

The rise of industrial nations around the world means that it seems likely that the demand for oil and gas will continue to rise, at a period in time when there is real uncertainty about the supply of those resources. It’s this background that is giving rise to many people considering renewable energy alternatives.

The most high profile of these is solar power and you may well have noted solar panels being installed on homes and commercial properties in your area. Solar technology is impressive, allowing your home to be powered from the sun’s rays. There may even be times of the year when you are generating more energy than you even need.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are usually installed on the roof of a property. We have professional installers within our team, ensuring that they can be fitted properly, helping to power your home. It may well be the case that you are using more energy, with an increase in the number of gadgets that are present in many homes. Solar PV can form part of the solution here in Suffolk.

Biomass heating systems offer another alternative, relying on the burning of wood to generate heat. They may often be thought of in terms of a boiler that’s placed in a single room, allowing that room to be heated during the coldest months, without the need to make use of a full central heating system.

Modern biomass systems are more sophisticated than you may imagine. When hooked up to a back boiler, they allow your water to be heated. You can even purchase stoves that have an automated system for feeding in the wood pellets. We’re able to offer comprehensive information on biomass and its suitability to your home.

Heat pumps make use of the natural heat that’s found within your surroundings, allowing you to heat your home in a cost-effective manner.

There’s been a considerable drive to encourage home owners to turn to renewable systems, with a number of financial incentives now being offered. If you’d like to find out more, then contact us today for details.

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