Panasonic Air Source Heat Pump

Panasonic – leading the way in Heating & Cooling With more than 30 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector. Panasonic’s Panasonic Aquareacontinually strives for excellence in product design and manufacture and sustainability and has been recognised as one of the most eco-friendly companies (No. 4 Best Global Green Brands 2013, Interbrand)

Aquarea air to water heat pump Panasonic has created Aquarea, an innovative, low-energy system, designed to help you enjoy ideal temperatures and hot water in your home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. An Aquarea air source heat pump captures fresh air to cool or heat the property to ensure maximum comfort. Aquarea is far cleaner, safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than alternatives using gas, oil and other electrical systems.

One outdoor unit, which may be reinforced by solar panels, heats the water for home use and for the radiators or radiant floor. The system can also be retrofitted to the central heating system to reduce installation costs. It is the most innovative option for complete retrofits and for new builds.Panasonic-Aquarea-logo

Aquarea HT Panasonic’s Aquarea HT (High Temperature) system is the perfect solution for all applications. Available in 9kw and 12kW varieties with COPs of 4.55 and 4.40 respectively (A7W35), It has been designed to meet the demands of both new build and retrofit alike. Performance and efficiency are key factors with the Aquarea HT. It is capable of providing water up to 65°C even at temperatures as low as -15°C without a reduction in capacity.

Aquarea Accessories From high efficiency tanks, connection kits, high efficiency radiators and advanced control systems, Panasonic has produced a wealth of accessories to support the Aquarea range.

Standards, compliance, warranty and training Aquarea air to water heat pumps are independently tested to the most stringent European standards. As part of its testing procedure is has been awarded the EHPA quality label. It is also compliant with MCS and will shortly be included as part of the SAP appendix Q listing.

Panasonic offers an extended 3 years warranty for Accredited Installers and a 5 year extended compressor warranty for PRO Partners.

Panasonic Aquarea

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