Upgrade Your Boiler and Save Money

New figures released this month by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) suggest that replacing an old or inefficient boiler can have a greater impact on energy bills than previously thought. The figures show that by upgrading their boiler, householders can make significant financial savings.

Using a new method of calculation that takes into account ‘in use’ data, the EST suggests that replacing an old boiler with a more modern and efficient one could save bill payers hundreds of pounds in the longer term. For example, upgrading an old G* grade boiler to a new condensing boiler in a typical semi-detached house could save the householder up to £305 a year.

As heating and hot water are the biggest cost to consumers, the EST findings show that it makes sense both financially and in terms of carbon savings to consider replacing an old and inefficient system.

The impact of other energy efficiency measures were also investigated and the table of figures showing potential savings updated. The Energy Saving Trust’s Chief Executive, Philip Sellwood, explained that the new figures were designed to provide consumers with more accurate information on the impact of different energy efficiency measures. The EST comparison table now shows the potential energy savings for a range of properties from a detached house through to a mid-floor flat.

The results are published in full on the EST website (www.energysavingtrust.org.uk).

*The A-G system has now been withdrawn

(Source: Energy Saving Trust)

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