Solar Power Considered for Iconic UK Landmark

A solar powered clock face for Big Ben is one of the measures being considered by parliament as part of their continuing renewable energy initiative.

The idea to upgrade the iconic London landmark to solar power, is being backed by Sir Robert Rogers, Clerk of the House of Commons, and will now be debated by parliament’s environment team.

The suggestion was first put forward when parliamentary passholders were asked to submit their ideas on how the government estate could improve its energy efficiency. A spokesperson said that a solar powered Big Ben was one of many suggestions currently under consideration including the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Palace of Westminster.

The plans for Big Ben were initially unveiled at Port Cullis House and displayed on a placard in order to gauge the reaction of parliament members. If the idea goes ahead Big Ben, which was constructed in 1859, could soon be upgraded to solar power.

Parliament has already adopted several energy saving measures in order to meet its carbon reduction targets and is planning to install roof insulation by 2015.

A spokesman commented: “Parliament has committed to improving its energy efficiency by 34% by 2020/21. Throughout February, parliamentary pass-holders were encouraged to support parliament’s energy commitment by submitting ideas on how parliament could save energy.”

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