Let There Be Light

The Premium Light Scheme, in conjunction with the Energy Saving Trust (EST), has been set up to help consumers choose the best energy efficient lighting. Working with industry professionals,  Premium Light aims to make people aware of their choices when selecting different types of energy saving light bulbs.

The Premium Light initiative is being coordinated by the Austrian Energy Agency in partnership with 12 European organisations including the EST. During the next few months, Premium Light will be testing testing various types of LED and energy saving lamps. The results are being published on their website (www.premiumlight.eu).

The initiative will look at ‘Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Compact and Linear Fluorescent Light (CFL and LFL) technologies’ as well as providing ‘information on current products, guidelines for selecting light bulbs, and other services that support individuals to choose efficient, high quality lighting products.’

The scheme comes in response to the phasing out of inefficient light bulbs across Europe. With traditional filament bulbs now banned within the EU, the UK government is working with light bulb manufacturers and retailers to produce and supply sufficient energy saving light bulbs to meet the new demand.

According to the EST, replacing just one traditional incandescent bulb with an energy saving light bulb could save the average consumer £3 a year. If all the inefficient bulbs are changed, this figure rises to as much as £55 a year. In addition, replacing all the inefficient, filament light bulbs across the UK would make a significant difference to our national energy consumption.


(Source: Energy Saving Trust)

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