How Energy Efficient are the Appliances in your Home?

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) up to one in five household appliances do not meet the manufacturers’ energy efficiency claims.

Recent research funded by the European Commission revealed that as many as 20% of products, including fridges, washing machines and dishwashers may not live up to expectation in respect of energy efficiency. This means that many consumers across Europe are missing out on potential energy savings.

Energy efficient products tend to be more expensive but manufacturers state that any additional cost is recouped by savings on energy bills. However, if appliances do not meet their energy efficient claims, it will take longer for the extra cost to be paid back.

The EST is launching a scheme to address this problem and plans to carry out extensive product testing across the UK using mystery shoppers.

However, in spite of the disappointing survey results, the EST believes that consumers in the UK could still save up to £1.3 billion each year by investing in more energy efficient appliances. It is estimated that investing in just one energy efficient appliance could save a household between £40 and £180 over the lifetime of the product.

Philip Sellwood, EST Chief Executive, commented: “Consumers are wising up to the monetary savings of using the best and most efficient products – they’re trying to do the right thing but need to be rewarded properly through the savings stated being realised.

“That’s why we aim to be the eyes and ears for UK consumers to ensure energy efficiency claims by product manufacturers are true and will save them money on their energy bills.”


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