New Builds Low Energy Lighting

On average, up to 20% of electricity consumption in the home comes from lighting and it therefore makes sense for domestic dwellings to be fitted with more energy efficient, lower cost lighting.

Government guidelines for the UK suggest that all new properties and home extensions should have dedicated low energy lighting in at least 30% of the habitable rooms.  In addition, new building regulations that came into force in 2013 state that 75% of lighting used in a new build project should deliver a minimum of 400 lumens (amount of light output) at 45 lm/cW and 400 lumens at 55 lm/cW for existing dwellings. European Parliament Directives are also calling for a halt in the production of traditional light bulbs. With all this in mind, including low energy lighting in all new builds should be standard procedure.

As well as meeting all the requirements of the new regulations, the advantages of low energy lighting in new build properties can all be passed on to the new homeowner so that they can benefit from reduced costs, lower carbon output and longer-life light bulbs.

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