Low Energy Lighting for Industry

It is estimated that industrial lighting consumes around 20% of all electricity generated in the UK and that lighting accounts for up to 40% of total electricity costs in many organisations. With these percentages in mind, it makes good business sense for companies occupying large industrial sites to switch to low energy lighting.

Factories, warehouses and manufacturers could all significantly reduce their energy bills and improve productivity by replacing older light fixtures with energy efficient lighting. Better lighting makes it easier to perform routine tasks, saves money on lighting bills and can eliminate the ‘start up’ and ‘cool down’ times of old factory lighting.

Installing the latest industrial lighting technologies, including fluorescent tubes, induction lamps and LEDs can reduce the amount of electricity used by up to 80% and it may also be possible to write off the initial investment against tax in the first year under the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. In order for a product to be eligible under the ECA scheme it has to meet certain energy saving criteria, which is reviewed and updated yearly. For more information refer to The Energy Technology Criteria List published by the Department of Energy ad Climate Change.

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