Green Deal Provider

The Green Deal is scheme launched by the government in January 2013 to provide funding for business and home owners to install green technology in their properties, with any associated costs being repaid over time through the householder’s energy bills.

There are four parts to the Green Deal Process; assessment, finance, installation and repayment with each stage being implemented by a Green Deal Provider. It is the responsibility of the Green Deal Provider to offer the customer a Green Deal Plan, organise finance, and arrange for the installation of the agreed energy efficiency improvements to be carried out by an authorised Installer.

All contractors involved in this process; Green Deal Advisors, Assessors, Providers and Installers, must be approved by the government’s Green Deal Registration and Oversight Body and be accredited with the Green Deal Quality Mark.

A Green Deal Provider will offer the customer a Green Deal Plan, based on the recommendations of a registered Green Deal Advisor or Assessor. Only an authorised Provider can draw up a Green Deal Plan which will clearly lay out the financial terms of the agreement (including warranties and consumer protection schemes). As soon as the agreement is in place, the Provider can arrange for the agreed energy efficiency improvements to be made by a registered Installer.

The Provider you choose to arrange your Green Deal may come from the same umbrella company as the Advisor or Assessor. However, there are some Providers who are authorised to service only one aspect of the Green Deal plan and will subcontract out other areas. For example, one company might provide an Assessor but will subcontract the funding and installation stages. Advisors and Assessors are legally obliged to declare upfront any links and associations they may have with Green Deal Providers.

The bill for a Green Deal is attached to a property rather than a person, so if you move out, the amount repayable becomes the responsibility of the new occupant who will also benefit from any associated energy savings. The Provider also has an ongoing obligation to supply information when a new bill payer moves into a property with a Green Deal and to look into any customer complaints that may arise.

As an authorised Green Deal Adviser,working in conjunction with Eco Technical Services (UK) Ltd an authorised Assessor organisation,Stroma Certification Ltd GDAO STRA 10062, Mr Renewables can arrange for one of their registered advisers to visit your home and identify the most cost-effective energy efficiency improvements that would benefit your home and the potential financial savings. If you are happy to proceed, we can arrange funding for the improvements and for the work to be carried out by one of our registered Installers, who have all been checked to ensure they meet the strict standards laid down by the government.

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