Biomass Installations in Cambridge

With a biomass heating system, you have the ability to use wood, in the form of chips, logs, or pellets, to heat your home in Cambridge. Systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some being focused on heating a single room within the home.

Others make use of a back boiler, feeding in to your central heating system. Many people are discovering that biomass is a realistic alternative to using gas, oil or electricity.

Most systems consist of a stove, which is used to actually heat the wood. The key advantage associated with this sort of heating is that wood is frequently a cheaper source of fuel than the alternatives. This consideration becomes even more obvious, given that a variety of financial incentives are available to those examining the possibility of opting for a biomass installation.

If you’re concerned about the environment, then it’s clear that choosing low-carbon options makes a lot of sense.

You may also be worried about having to constantly feed a supply of wood into the boiler. Although manual systems are cheaper, you’ll discover that there are automated alternatives that are extremely cost-effective.

In general terms, you can look to reduce costs by buying in bulk. Assuming that you have enough storage space available to you, this means that you can look to buy wood by the tonne, rather than relying on individual bags of pellets, or small bags of logs.

We provide a variety of calculators on the site, so that you can work out the savings that you are likely to make over time. In part, the level of savings will clearly depend on factors that include: your current source of fuel, the size of your home and the level of insulation that’s present.

If you’re looking to cut costs and be environmentally friendly, then it makes a lot of sense to deal with insulation issues at the same time. Otherwise, you are simply paying to heat up air that will quickly be lost. That’s clearly not the most energy-efficient approach for your Cambridge property.

Boilers and stoves do require a certain level of maintenance and should be cleaned or swept at regular intervals. We’re able to advise on all aspects of choosing, installing and maintaining a biomass system. We can also discuss the financial incentives that may be available right now in your area.

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