Biomass Heating Essex

Biomass heating has been receiving a lot of attention recently and you may well be thinking about whether such a system would be suitable to your home or business in Essex.

We’ve carried out a large number of biomass boiler installations, using our expertise in this area to reduce energy bills and to help protect the environment.

So, what does biomass heating actually entail? The basic idea behind a biomass system is that you burn wood, in order to provide a source of heat. That wood can come from a number of sources – some people use logs, for instance, while others look to wood pellets or chips.

To a large extent, the choice of fuel will depend upon cost and availability. If you have a particularly cheap source of wood in Essex, then biomass can clearly become an extremely attractive option.

The stove (or boiler) burns the wood and generates heat, which can be used to heat a particular room within your home. This is, however, only the beginning, in terms of the application of this type of technology. By fitting the stove with a back boiler, it’s actually possible to heat water and thus drive the entire central heating system.

This decision to heat the entire home is something that we are seeing more and more home owners take. In addition, biomass heating systems can be used to generate heat within an entire industrial situation.

Why are so many people choosing biomass in Essex?

From what we’ve seen, there is undoubtedly a range of driving forces here. For some, it’s simply about the cost of fuel. Compared to using electricity, gas, or oil, it may be the case that wood provides a far more cost-effective solution.

But there are also savings to be made as a result of a number of incentives and government initiatives, including the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. There’s no doubt that the savings can soon start to add up.

There’s also the question, of course, of the impact of burning any fuel on the environment. Although there are clearly carbon costs associated with burning wood, it’s certainly a lower carbon option than the burning of fossil fuels.

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