Biomass Case Study

Case study 

Schedule of works completed:

Supply and installation of Trianco Greenflame Biomass Boiler. Includes 2 x 500 litre accumulators 6 ton Automatic Vacuum Fed External Hopper to reduce fuel costs and make the system more user friendly All electrical installation will be included that is needed to install all product safely & to comply with IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition. All plumbing will be carried out to water & unvented/vented cylinder requirements. Remove all waste materials associated with the work from site prior to handover. Under take the full testing & commissioning of the entire boiler installation ourselves with the up most care; we use no outside contractors & hold all the relevant MCS accreditation, HEATAS & Part P Certification to install the units so that you will qualify for the RHI 20 year payment scheme.

Background on properties –

• Two properties next door to each other currently heated by oil costing over £5,000.00 each year, and fluctuating with oil prices.

• Currently two separate boilers heating two different sorts of systems, one pressurised, one gravity fed.

•Properties located Lingwood, Norwich. Closest

System benefits –

• To decrease oil heating bill

• To register system for the RHI which will pay the customer to heat the property

• To establish a major district heating (heats more than one home) biomass heating system in the region.

• To reduce carbon emissions in the region.

• To improve the residential environment.

 Actions required -

• The installation of Trianco Greenflame Biomass boiler

• This in turn provides space and water heating requirements for 2 properties located next-door to one another

• Installing Smart metering of individual energy consumption in properties.

• Installing 2 x 1000 litre buffer vessels for individual heat control and distribution.

• Discrete pellet store located in garden and underground vacuum supply to the boiler.

System achievements to date –

• A saving of 52% on heating costs from an oil spend of £ over 6 months to £ saving over £.00.

• Clean air, no soot and virtually no noise.

• RHI Revenue over 6 month period has totalled £2,476.00 for 28,800kWH of heat production

• The chance to utilise wood waste, which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

• A demonstration of renewable technologies in action to promote to the public.

 Quotes from customer –

Mr Henderson – “The install was very efficient, the savings are paying back the sizeable invest cost rapidly and break-even point will be 2 ½ years down the line. The numbers made sense on this investment with the cost savings and RHI revenue. Also I am glad to step away from oil as when the properties were first built the cost to run them was around £2,000.00 each year as to the £5,000.00 it has crept up to. I am also very pleased with the professionalism of the full Mr Renewables team!”

 Job overview

 Job cost: £30,000.00 – £45,000.00                 

Start to finish time:  18 days

Overall RHI Revenue over 20 years: £205,000.00          

Overall cost savings over 20 years: £118,258.00

Total benefit of system over 20 years:£323,258.00       

Payback in years: 3 years 7 months  


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