Case Study Solar PV

Spring Field Farm, Norfolk.

Case Study: 10 KWp Solar System with 40 Renesolar 250w modules.

When the Parfitt family were looking to reduce their electricity costs on the 160 acre farm near Norwich “Home Power Solar” were able to quickly ascertain that a 10 kWp solar system would be of benefit and would comfortably fit on the east facing, cement compound roof of the grain drying store and without imposing on the integrity of the roof or the main structure.

“Investing in renewable energy and reducing our energy bills is our ambition” said Mr Parfitt “and the knowledgeable staff and value for money that “Home Power Solar” offer made them our best choice. We were impressed with the quality of the installation and the little disruption over the two and half days the installation took”.

System Size 10 kWp
Panels Renesolar 250w
Inverter Fronius IG Plus
1st year Output 7,304 kWh

Fronius IG Inverter

Home Power Solar considers the agricultural industry to be a key sector for our renewable solutions giving great benefit to farms, landowners and commercial premises over the coming years.

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