Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation has never been so important as heating costs have flown through the roof over the last 5 years and are expected to rise again shortly.

Here we try and answer a few simple questions for you to remedy heat loss and reduce your energy bills further.

1, The obvious starting point is to check all  loft insulation recommendatory depth 280mm and wall insulation.

2, Some properties only have a single skin wall so cavity wall insulation is not an option however, we there is an option to have Sempatap Thermal Installed which greatly increases the thermal insulation.

3, Sempatherm radiator insulation is applied to the wall behind the radiator and reflects the heat into the room instead of heating the wall behind the radiator.

4, Spray insulation is a method of insulation that is quick and easy to apply in large scale domestic and commercial applications.

Here are just a few products and services we provide;

Sempatap Products and Installation Services for cold walls, mould growth,

foil insulation

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insulation board
kingspan insulation
polystyrene insulation
thermal insulation
floor insulation
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